Leg Pain is a very common issue many people have, especially old people or people have to stand for a long time, such as factory workers, waitress, even teachers. Is it some serious problem we need to pay attention or it will go away after some rest? Let’s go through some details while having those questions in mind.

What is Leg Pain?

While leg pain is common occurrence after injury, there are many non-traumatic causes of leg pain. Pain in the legs can be present because of conditions that affect bones, joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, blood vessels, nerves, and skin. Most often, inflammation of tissues is the end result of these diseases, and the inflammation is the source of pain.

Leg Pain Symptoms

Illness and injury can affect any of these structures, causing discomfort and pain. More than one mechanism may be occurring at the same time. Some illustrative examples include:

  • An injured muscle will cause pain because of inflammation and swelling, but it may also affect the balance of muscles surrounding a joint. If this imbalance persists, the joint may start to hurt because of chronic stress placed upon it.
  • Patients with poorly controlled diabetes may develop diabetic neuropathy, in which some of the symptoms may include pain and loss of sensation in the feet. Diabetes is also one of the risk factors for peripheral vascular disease, which may cause narrowing of blood vessels in the legs. This may cause exercise-induced pain when muscles don’t get an adequate blood supply to meet their metabolic needs.

Who suffers from Leg Pain?

Leg pain is a very common symptom experienced by most individuals at some time in their life, however it could also be a symptom of a more serious condition. Please consult a physician if leg pain is persistent or you have a family history which might warrant further investigation.

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