Gravity Defyer FLEXNET Shoe

Gravity Defyer FLEXNET Shoe

I have received many comments from readers asking about follow up reviews about my purchase of Gravity Defyer Shoes: Gravity Defyer Shoes Review two months ago. As many of you already know, I got a pair of Gravity Defyer FLEXNET and a pair of Gravity Defyer Patrik. So in this post, I want give you guys a review about Gravity Defyer Flexnet Shoe.

As always, I want to start with Quality because I think quality is the first thing we need to make sure before we make any purchase, especially foot ware.

I have to say, Flexnet Shoe probably has the best quality in all Gravity Defyer product line. I did see some people saying that some of Gravity Defyer shoes have quality problem when I did my research before I made my purchase. But apparently not my Flexnet Shoes. My Flexnet is light, very well made and after two months it still looks like new. I treat it very nice too though. I never wear it on dirty road or at raining days.

Flexnet Shoe’s Pain Relief Feature

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I know one big reason many people bought Gravity Defyer products is their Pain Relief feature. With their so called VersoShock advanced spring technology, I do feel it is quite different from other shoes. After wearing it over two months, I do feel my knee pain and lower back pain is reducing gradually, not completely gone though. I think that is encouraging enough for me. That is one of the biggest motivation that keeps me do exercise every day. I hope to see one day my knee pain and back pain is completely gone. Finger crossed!

Flexnet Shoe Needs Shoe Care

That might be a con for Flexnet shoes. From what I can feel is, you can not treat Gravity Defyer shoes like other crap shoes. I never tried to wear my Flexnet shoes in raining days or on any dirty grounds. And I only wear during my exercise because I can not wear them in office. I heard people saying it could be worn out fast if you don’t take good care of them. So, just pay a little bit attention, I guess.

Flexnet Shoe: STRONG Recommended

My conclusion for Gravity Defyer Flexnet shoes is definitely a STRONG BUY. As a matter of fact, I’ve already recommended it to several my co-workers and they all loved it. In case you bought it, hope you enjoy the shoes too.

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