I happened to watch a video today on youtube and it brings me to this Gravity Defyer shoes. It claims their Gravity Defyer Shoes not only make your feet comfortable, make your walking some how “Defy Gravity”, but also can ease leg pain and lower back pain. I have lower back pain for years and have been looking for easy ways to fix my pain for years because I really don’t like the idea of surgery. So, could this “Gravity Defyer” be my solution?

Before we get into any detail, let’s watch this video that i was talking about:

So, I did a little bit research and found another video which talks deeper into this topic: what exactly are those Gravity Defyer shoes? and most importantly, are they really good? to me, can Gravity Defyer shoes really help to ease on my lower back pain?
Now let’s see the video first:

We can see, Gravity Defyer shoes do have many very promising features that could potentially benefit us. Especially their “Versoshock™ Trampoline Technology“. But the question is still, do they really work?
With this question in mind, I did more research online and found some more detail about those nice features mentioned in the video and many good customer reviews.

Gravity Defyer Shoes Features

Check out the list below for all Gravity Defyer Shoes Features, quite impressive! I did research for most of the features and put them into a separate post. You can click the individual links below to find out more detail.

Also, check out this post about How can Gravity Defyer Shoes change your life?

Customer reviews for Gravity Defyer Shoes

After quite a lot reading, it seems there are both good and bad for Gravity Defyer Shoes.

  • IN most cases, Gravity Defyer Shoes do help to relieve issues like Achilles Tendonitis ,Arthritis, Arch Pain, Heel Pain, Knee Pain, and most important, back pain which is my original purpose of writing this post because I have had back pain for years now.
  • Gravity Defyer Shoes do look good. They are very comfortable, especially their FLEXNET and Ballistic.
  • Gravity Defyer Shoes have variety options for both men and women. Normally I’ve seen many brands, especially sporting shoes, they only focus on men. But Gravity Defyer Shoes not only have Athletic, Casual, Dress and Sandals for men, but also have many type of Athletic and flat shoes for women such as their Fiona, Siena, Danielle Azy series.
  • Gravity Defyer Shoes have FREE SHIPPING on all their orders, And 30 DAYS MONEY BACK guarantee. Their customer service overall is good. I’ve read some people not like their shoes and never have any problem sending back the shoes and get their money back. Based on this one, I think I am going to give it a shot. If it does not work for me, then just return it.


  • IN general, the quality of Gravity Defyer’s sneakers are better than their dress shoes. They are all very good shoes with good quality. But for their dress shoes, I saw some people complaining they don’t fit their feet very well, not as comfortable as they expected. I think probably the problem is, every person’s feet are different. When you do receive a uncomfortable pair of shoes, try to be patient to work with their customer service, try to get an exchange. If you really don’t like them, simply return them and get your money back.
  • AGAIN, their dress shoes. Some people complain Gravity Defyer Shoes look really good, stylish and expensive. However, they are not that durable. However, their athletic shoes are a lot better.
  • Gravity Defyer Shoes are not cheap. Most of them cost around $70 to $100 bucks. Some good ones cost even more. That is absolutely true especially with current tough economic. But the good news is, Gravity Defyer Shoes offer many coupons and deals. Use them could get you 10% – 15% off. Here are several ones I’ve found: $10 Off CJGD10OFF
    FREE SHIPPING on ALL Gravity Defyer Footwear Orders: CJSHIPPING
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  • Gravity Defyer Shoes did not help on some pain relief like they claimed. Like back pain, some people say it eased a great deal pain from their back. Some people say it did not help at all. I got some response from Gravity Defyer and some doctors as well regarding on this issue. All they are saying is, they can not guarantee a pair of shoes could fix a patient’s back pain because all those type of pain are just so complicated. Research does show their shoes do help on many situations. But first of first, if you do have some type of feet pain or back pain, see doctor first. Your doctor might be able to tell if the pain can be eased by some exercise or foot wear. If not, probably Gravity Defyer Shoes won’t help either. I think that is a fair reasonable response though.

So, back to my original question, are Gravity Defyer Shoes any good? is it worth a try? To me, I would say Yes. I am planning to get a pair of Gravity Defyer Patrik or Sondrio and a FLEXNET. See the pictures below, they do look pretty good, don’t they? If they don’t help on my back pain, I will just return them. Oh, Don’t forget to use those discount coupons.

Gravity Defyer Shoes Patrik

Gravity Defyer Shoes Patrik

Gravity Defyer Shoes Sondrio

Gravity Defyer Shoes Sondrio

Gravity Defyer Shoes FLEXNET

Gravity Defyer Shoes FLEXNET

Thanks for visiting my blog. I will post back my reviews once I receive my Gravity Defery Shoes.

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