What makes Gravity Defyer more comfortable than other shoes?

This is the exact question we’ve seen all the time. The answer is simple: Advanced VersoShock Technology from Gravity Defyer.

The Stone Age is Over
Many people have suffered with painful feet, legs or backs. Any way to stop it? The answer is Gravity Defyer’s exclusive VersoShock Trampoline Sole, a powerful machine that absorbs shock, eliminating pain from every step. It then propels you forward reducing fatigue so you can live a healthier more dynamic life.

Mankind was never intended to walk or stand on the hard unforgiving surfaces that now make up our environment. We evolved to walk on sand, soft earth and grass. Unlike other shoe companies, Gravity Defyer shoes have evolved. They are designed and crafted to reduce or eliminate harmful stress on the human body.

Gravity Defyer Advanced Technology Footwear

How does Gravity Defyer shoe works?

Footwear Evolved
Gravity Defyer’s Advanced Technology Footwear combines several different technologies to make this possible. Here let’s look at several key elements:

Key Features:

• The VersoShock Trampoline Heel Membrane – Harnesses the force of Gravity by absorbing harmful and storing it momentarily. On release this energy is returned making activities easier, so you can do more with less effort.

• Smart Memory Master Spring – Aids the trampoline by limiting peak forces. Many companies have tried to harness springs for footwear with varying degrees of success. It is the combination of flexible trampoline membrane and springs that provides a smooth transition between yielding comfort while standing on hard surfaces and dynamic propulsion.

• Twin Stabilizers – Provide lateral stability, reinforcing the heel and maintaining the shoes movement in a linear (heel to tow) direction.

• Ethylene-Vinyl-Acetate (EVA) Midsole – Which is the shoe’s resilient spine, creates a natural rocking bed, while protecting the delicate metatarsal bones.

Secondary Innovations

• Removable Comfort-Fit Insole – Provides pillow soft comfort against your skin to prevent blisters and irritation. Our Comfort-Fit Insole can be replaced at any time to accommodate orthotic devices.

• AVS3 Ventilation System – Harnesses the pumping action of the heel chamber to expel hot air from the shoe’s interior through a one way valve. This both cools the foot and reduces the occurrence of microbial growth and odor. Gravity Defyer Ballistic
G-Defy Ballistics Shown

Gravity Defyers Absorb Shock
Eliminating Pain
Gravity Defyers Propel You Forward
Reducing Fatigue & Making You More Active