Should you buy Spira Stinger?

When we talk about Spira Stinger, you must know the famous yellow Stinger in Marathon. Spira is one of my favorite running shoes brand, especially Stinger Elite. It is very comfortable, very light weight and durable. First, let’s take a close look of Spira Stinger.

The New Looks of Spira Stinger: Stinger Elite SRR 103

Spira Stinger Shoe
The Stinger Elite is a light weight racing flat as well as a cushioned training shoe that provides a high level of responsiveness and protection against fatigue issues normally associated with light weight racing shoes.

Spira Stinger Shoe
It combines a level of cushioning and responsiveness that is difficult to achieve for a shoe in this weight category.

Spira Stinger Shoe
The patented WaveSpring is located in the forefoot only for maximum impact absorption and energy efficiency for optimum racing performance.

Spira Stinger Shoe
The mid-foot is supported by a molded external shank support to aid in torsional stability.

Spira Stinger Shoe


Serience behind Spira Stinger: WaveSpring

Spira’s® patented WaveSpring® technology may be the most significant advancement ever achieved in the footwear industry.*

WaveSpring® returns energy with every step.
Unlike traditional shoe midsoles made primarily of foams, rubber compounds, or polymers, WaveSpring® technology stores and disburses energy with every step. Testing performed at Michigan State University in 2001 reported that 87% – 96% of the energy is returned from the WaveSpring®. This is the highest energy return score for any midsole material ever tested.** As a result, our footwear not only cushions, but returns energy. In a very real sense, the WaveSpring enables you to recycle your own energy!

What customer say about Spira Stinger:

I love the Spira. I have three pairs of tri spring. The only thing I wish they would improve with the tri spring runners is to toughen the soles a bit more, in the way that, say Salomon cross-country, or Asics Gel Enduro, are enhanced with stronger soles. I had to have the outer heels of my Spira Genesis cut and rubber-replaced, to protect the life of them, as I had run them down in that area. Other than that, great shoes. Superb. Very, very comfortable and pleasant to wear.

I’ve had mine 4 a month and just love them. No achy knees the next day just sore muscles as it should be. May look 4 to a marathon next year with them. Wish I had these in high school. The best birthday present so far.

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