Spira Shoes Review

Spira is another shoe brand I really like. Today in my church, one of my friend told me he was going to fly to Boston next weekend for Boston Marathon 2011 and he has been running everyday for 17 years. Man, 17 Years! Can you believe it? And in this 17 years, he only wears three brands running shoes: Nike, Adidas and Spira. His new running shoes are all Spira Shoes. Actually it is because of him, I bought several pairs of Spira in the last couple of years.
So, after I got back from church and did google Boston Marathon and surprisingly found a lot of Marathon runners all wearing Spira. Check out the video below from youtube about Spira Shoes in Marathon:

Now, let’s take a closer look at Spira Shoes and see what makes Spira so “fast” and what customers say about it.

WaveSpring™ Technology

This is right. Nowadays, technology really changes our lives. We’ve heard many different spring technology in shoe industry.  However, unlike traditional coil or conical springs, the WaveSpring is laterally stable, compact and lightweight. As a result, Spira has developed a remarkable energy return technology for footwear. According to a biomechanical study conducted by the Shoe Lab at Michigan State University in 2001, the springs return an astounding 87-96% of energy otherwise lost to the ground. The highest energy return score of any shoe every tested. Accordingly, Spira shoes allow people to participate in physical activity for longer periods of time with far less stress on the body. Recovery time following vigorous activity is greatly reduced.

Spira makes it easier to stand, walk, run and compete without the stress and fatigue associated with traditional shoe midsole materials. Spira heel and forefoot spring configurations are engineered for specific activities to meet individual needs.

Traditional midsole materials work through compression and often breakdown quickly. The WaveSpring™ is mechanical. The spring will outlast the shoe. The wearer will have a “new shoe” feel from the first day it is worn to the last!

Spira believes the WaveSpring™ technology will revolutionize the footwear industry as well as the purpose and function of footwear. As soon as you step into a pair of Spira shoes you will understand why.

What Customers Say about Spira Shoes?

After some research plus my own experience with Spirt Shoes, I would say it is definitely grade A. No matter where you buy, it is always good, very comfortable. If you buy online, you can always find some website offer discount and free shipping, even free of tax. So that is pretty good.

Another good thing about Spira is in a certain degree, it helps a great deal of heel pain, leg pain, feet pain and even back pain. Some people say it could help on plantar fasciitis as well. But every time when I see people or company say that, I would always say, well, if you have any of these pain, go to see your doctor first. Your doctor should be able to tell you if the problem is your footwear. You shouldn’t expect a pair of shoes to fix your pain without seeing doctor first.

So, overall, I would say, people including me are really satisfied with Spira Shoes.  They are always my number 1 running shoes brand and my recommend for Spira would be: STRONG BUY 🙂

How to get discount coupon for genuine Spira Shoes?

Here are top 3 best sellers from Spira Shoes:

Spira Stinger Elite - Yellow/Black  

Spira Stinger Elite – Yellow/Black

Spira Classic Leather Walker  - White/White 

Spira Classic Leather Walker – White/White

Spira Genesis - Grey/Navy 

Spira Genesis – Grey/Navy

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Very last, thanks for visiting my blog about Spira Shoes Review. Hope you enjoy it, more important, enjoy your shoes.